Thursday, November 6, 2008

A cat goes forth

Tiddles, the cat I drew for the first time a few weeks ago, seems to be running away with himself. The feedback I've had for him has been great and there have been wonderfully positive posts about him on various forums. My friends at Heritage Crafts asked me for another - apparently it was their intention to have a set of four Tiddles designs, however, such is the enthusiasm for the character, they want more so they can keep producing more of their cross stitch kits of him.

It's my intention to try and get him onto other merchandise. I just have to find the time to get him out to see people. I hope he's not hungry when other people meet him - it could get messy.

OK, so he may not be as cute as a fluffy kitten, but he's honest and doesn't pretend to be something he isn't. A bit like me, really.
Here's Tiddles the fourth.


Mike Dalgarno said...

Another great design. I think you should go to stationary companies with the designs. Think they would look good on binders, and note pads etc

vee said...

I think Tiddles will run and run - think of Tom and Jerry or, more likely, Sylvester and Tweetie-Pie - but with your own brand of humour, or course. Good Luck!

simon said...

great idea again pete

i think everyone loves the cat and mouse idea especially from tom n jerry to itchy n scratchy
this is one of my favs from tiddles just the wait is a thrill to catch the mouse
keep em coming pete