Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Worrier Done Good

The little painting I put into the open exhibition at the Ten2 Gallery was voted by the visitors to the gallery into joint third place.
It's the first time I've put any of my personal art out for public consumption and to be voted on at all is a nice feeling.
I'll have to find a space to hang the little fella now. Bless 'im.


Mike Dalgarno said...

Congrats Mister Pete. Well deserved aswell.

Peter Underhill said...

Thanks Mike.
I just have to follow it up with more art. I wonder if I can get higher than a third place next time.

Mike Dalgarno said...

Of course you can mister.

Just keep us posted on the developments.

Maybe it can be your first piece of art in your new studio (",)