Monday, November 2, 2009

My food gives me the runs

A suggestion by Jon Blackford of Heritage Crafts led to this image.
I've always enjoyed puns and wordplay, so the combination of words and pictures afforded me by the adventures of Tiddles allows me to have a little fun.


laurie said...

Dear Mr Underhill
I would like to say thank you so much for creating 'Tiddles' He makes my day, I'm 27 and don't really get out much and Tiddles just makes me smile. Everyone should have a cat like him. I'm fortunate to be able to trave to the heritage shop in Rugeley and speak to jon about Tiddles being involved somehow with a christmas turkey?? For christmas of course lol. Unfortunatly I was told that some of the picture's eg.. 'lick my bum' and 'half mouse missing' would not be avalible to us in cross stitch which I was very dissappointed about due to my boyfreind would LOVE them me too of course. Please please create more Tiddles. Thank you so much
From Laurie jones

Pete's big steaming blog said...

Laurie. That's very kind of you. You're right, not all of the designs are appropriate for reproduction in cross stitch, however, hopefully I'll be able to provide enough new images to keep you occupied. Thank you for the encouraging words.