Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm in!

After moving my drawing board into the new studio and building some Ikea furniture, I've started working in there proper. Slowly arranging my space so it feels right.
I decided against installing my huge drawing board. At around 1500mm x 1000mm, it's a bit of a monster and I'm unlikely to do any art larger than my regular board, which is half the size.

If I need to produce anything bigger, there's plenty of space for an easel.


Paul Dunn said...

Oh I say !.... it looks ....well ,very clinical, will it develop a personailty as time goes on ,or will the look change as the mood takes, or are there no plans personalise it all.

Peter Underhill said...

Oh, don't be misled by this tidy image. It doesn't look like that anymore. It'll become 'personalised' as it is used. I'm not going to decorate it unnecessarily.

maggie said...

Ooo...very posh ! A lovely creative space to be in x