Monday, September 22, 2008

Hamilton's Head

At any one time, I have several books in varying states of development. One that I'm currently working on is called 'Hamilton's Hiccups'.
Hamilton is a dragon who, as you probably already guessed, has hiccups, and asks the help of his friend, Tilly, to cure them.
To help myself with the illustration process, I sculpted a maquette of Hamilton's head.
It's so much easier to draw something in front of me than to try and imagine how he might look from any angle. The body will probably never appear in the same pose, so I'll draw that out as I go along. Meanwhile, here are a couple of photographs of Hamilton's head.


Mike Dalgarno said...

Ooh, I am liking Hamilton. Good luck with the book Pete. ;o)

Peter Underhill said...

Thanks Mike.
I'm currently wrestling with the words - it might take a while.


paul said...

Looking good Pete, just know the illustrations will be fantastic.
Going of at a slight tangent BTB St George and the dragon?

Gemma said...

Pete you know I am already your biggest fan of Hamilton so if you ever want to rehome his head I call first dibs ;-)

Hugs, Gem x