Sunday, June 7, 2009

Something to worry about

A few months ago, during my first foray into using oils proper, I did a thing called 'The Worrier'.
Looking at it again, I realised that the subject hasn't got anything to worry about, so I added a few shadowy figures in the background and I'm pleased with the effect. The characters can represent anything the viewer wants - I won't make any suggestions. I think it's down to the individual to decide.
Here's an updated version.
In support of my local art materials supplier, I'm considering putting this tiny six and a quarter inch square painting forward for their summer exhibition. The problem is, the paperwork asks for a selling price. I'm terrible at putting a price tag on my work, so any suggestions are welcome.


simon said...

hello pete

just had a look at your art and to me the dark shadows look like the old man is worried with his thoughts what these guys are gonna do to him .
ive had a look at local artists in our area
and they have put up art in our libraries selling from £100-£300 pound


Paul Dunn said...

Eyup Pete,
I didn't realise that this piece is so small,the detail is excellent,after serious thought I've decided I have no idea what i would offer ,it would probably be nothing near its true value anyway if I did, so maybe a "Make an offer" tag would provide some interesting results.

Paul :)

Jtattooqueen said...

Hi Pete
I agree with Simon, go for the £200 - £300 mark it is a realistic figure, but you know you can go higher if there is more interest. Love the artwork.

Don said...

Peter, I love this piece. I think oils agree with you!

Niall O loughlin said...

Sweet work Peter, enjoyed your blog.