Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time Flies

Time flies - that sounds like an insect that I need to incorporate in a story or something.
Over the last few weeks I've been swamped by requests to produce some good old-fashioned graphic design work on the Mac. Having been working mainly in illustration and writing for the last seven years, it's been quite refreshing to do the kind of work I carried out for over twenty years. Meeting deadlines and delivering stuff on time has meant I've not had chance to work on any of my own projects.

One interesting development in recent weeks - my book 'The Boy with an Axe in His Head' has finally found its way into Waterstone's stores. Due to an administration hiccup, they were prevented from placing orders for the book.
All sorted now and the orders are coming in weekly.


Mike Dalgarno said...

Good news about the book. Fingers crossed this will help increase sells on it.

simon said...

great book pete and my kids loved it so much that star took it into her school were it was read by the teacher to alot of children and then the kids had to share there comments
it went done really well to ages 8 to 11 yr olds